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12" Vinyl D 15.05.09
after three digital-only releases polytone switches to vinyl and has signed new tracks from andreas heiszenberger for its first 12 inch release. heiszenberger has enjoyed great success last year with his release on brut! and links to the atmosphere and beat structure of his predecessor here. for polytone heiszenberger also relies on cool syncopated grooves and his heavy trademark beats as well as abstract pads which mingle with sweet harmonies and his laconic vocal snippets.the record is crowned with a great remix by popnoname who has just scored a hit with his new album on italic. of course, popnoname leaps at heiszenbergers harmonies, but also comes up with a really big surprise in the middle of the remix! cool, well-rounded record and a strong start of the vinyl business for polytone.
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7.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 31.10.07
here comes andreas heiszenberger (ware/normoton) with what seems like a requiem to a past love. the track is moody, twisted, dubby and full of intense ambivalent emotions, from love to hate and from pop to abstraction. then comes nass aka geiger (firm/teile/kindish) to give the original the treatment and what a treatment! surely more effective than your post-depression counselor, nass goes for a dub techno oddissey that will make hardwax enthusiasts drop their prozac prescription. on the flip side one of the men of the year, mr. efdemin (dial / liebe*detail / curle) comes with the definitive solution: go deep, then stand up and dance. efdemin presents us with a work of love, an unmistaken hommage to the sound of berlin. to finalise, andreas heiszenberger goes for the traditional medicine to relieve any heartache: deep house with a nod to lowtec, theo parrish and the dial ensemble. a truly perfect moment
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7.89 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 10.03.06
landesvatter, heiszensberger & strassmann machen feine mixe mit tiefgang & einer druckvollen bassdrum
Normoton 016
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8.29 EUR *

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