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12" Vinyl FR 07.06.18
sagmen third release featured greg pidcock and andre salmon who combine to deliver ‘you got it’ ep with four dark house cuts plus two digital only mixes. uk producer greg pidcock’s nomadic tendencies have fostered a strong connection with his music which has seen releases on esteemed labels like hot creations, get physical, culprit, saved, not to mention founding his montreal-based imprint flora. meanwhile, andre salmon’s extensive knowledge of music production has earnt him releases on the likes of repopulate mars, leftroom, hottrax, suara, before founding sagmen alongside aert prog. ‘you got it’ delivers a heavyweight kick and sharp percussive rhythms that lay the foundation for haunting arpeggios and an intoxicating vocal hook before ‘loco’ provides grooved drum patterns, a powerful bass melody and an array of intriguing synthesiser transitions, with epic vocals effects . “tfss’ offers up warped vocal samples and mesmerising motifs on top of a pulsating low-end whilst “esto es montanita’ hits hard with crunching drum sounds, enticing filter sweeps and hypnotic samples. two digital only ‘black mixes’ conclude the package, with the first reinterpretation of ‘loco’ setting an ominous tone until the alternative version of ‘tfss’ follows with a rumbling bass, crisp percussion and dubbed out vocal licks.
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12" Vinyl FR 07.06.18
sagmen co-founders andre salmon and aert prog team up for a solid single, featuring remixes from matteo rosolare & jojo angel, mr jefferson, as well as aert himself. individually, ecuadorian salmon has appeared on leftroom, repopulate mars, hottrax and get physical, while parisian aert prog has had output on anima somnis, laboratory records and popof’s form. launching sagmen at the end of 2017, both producers have appeared on separate releases on the label so far, however the founders now come together for a collaborative release, blending both their sounds together. ‘sagmen’ opens the release with shuffling kicks and claps whilst alarming drones and bumpy rhythms creep throughout, before daylight robbery records boss matteo rosolare teams up with greece’s jojo angel version comes bouncing in, littered with crisp percussion and shaky hums. twisted fusion and resonance records producer mr. jefferson’s take on the track rolls in after, full of thunderous tones and clanking beats. these carve the way for aert prog’s remix, which strips everything back, twisting it into moody roller.
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12" Vinyl FR 08.03.18
sagmen second release is just exceptional
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12" Vinyl FR 18.10.17
the debut release elixir ep from aert prog features three original tracks and two remixes provided by talented producers andre salmon & jonny cruz.
the elixir ep embodies all the elements that defines aert prog style, a deep & soulful touch with the title track « elixir », which bring you back to the basics of mental techno, with a powerful main theme followed by rich melodic synths taking perception to another level.
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cd+mp3 D 21.10.14
zusammen mit anderen vergleichbaren dj mix-serien wie der des londoner fabric-labels und -dj kicks- auf k7!, gehört das format der body language-compilations zu den letzten auf dem markt verbliebenen seiner art. junior boys, modeselektor, dixon, matthew dear, azari & iii, catz n dogz, dj hell, jesse rose und viele andere künstler trugen in den letzten neun jahren zum renommé der auf get physical erscheinenden erfolgsserie bei. die von dj t. schon in vielen seiner früheren werke angewendeten mixtechnischen tugenden stehen auch hier wieder im vordergrund. dj t. gibt sich nicht mit der vergänglichen momentaufnahme einer in sich abgeschotteten stilrichtung zufrieden. zeitlos, sich nicht bei formeln aktueller clubmusik anbiedernd und trotzdem voll im hier und jetzt verhaftet, präsentiert sich dieser aus 20 tracks bestehende 78-minütige mix.
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