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12" Vinyl UK 27.10.20
hypnotic tribal stuff by ambient baby
in stock
11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 10.10.19
ltd mini-lp (6 track)
FATi Records
in stock
15.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 23.05.19
the subversive electronics duo is back at it again for the sixth release on planet euphorique. ambien baby brings you another slab of total sonic disorientation, the good kind the one that invites you to dance, but also questions the stifling boundaries of genre within electronic music. dreaming up a sound that welcomes confusion and experimentation over the tried and true. here we have a spectrum of colour and vibes electro, experimentalism, and primal sensibilities mash and clash in an odd harmony that begs the question, where are we now?
Planet Euphorique
out of stock
10.71 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 02.08.18
ambien baby is an emergent project from the increasingly prolific d. tiffany and dan rincon, both luminaries of the vancouver scene. after a first official appearance on normals welcome last year, the pair are back with some deft and delightful adventures through rugged breaks, playful synth touches and a healthy dose of 90s attitude. somehow these ingredients are deployed with that distinctive laid back west coast vibe that makes for such compelling listening as well as potent dancefloor weapons - take nada (live at sweep up) as a case in point. rolling breaks and nasty acid lines there may be, but the mood still has a heads down quality to it that just gets under your skin.
Isla Canada
out of stock
11.40 EUR *
7" Vinyl UK 15.06.20
ltd to 150, file under ambient, down tempo, leftfield, techno
Intergalactic Research Institute for Sound
in stock
12.66 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 06.05.20
Samurai Music
out of stock
12.18 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 02.08.18
summer mode on. balearic 4, compiled by breese, is the soundtrack for summer, brim-full of beach-ready tunes that truly reflect ibizas chilled musical spirit. featuring two album exclusives: on-u sounds cosmic fla-menco dub of los twangueros and a breese remix of robot 84 that brings spanish guitars firmly to the fore. digital exclusives too, quinn lukes different aspirations offers i-know-this familiarity, emerson kitamura covers 70s classic rock your baby in lullaby style, while max manettis changuinola winks back towards the happy mondays circa 1989. other highlights include gallos faron - currently proving the sunset bomb with ibiza djs j-walks modern remake of mazes twilight fuga rontos rework of kay zees barny as a modern-day down-tempo beauty, plus joe morris skies reprise, which carries the mood dreamily off into the night. a dozen true pearlers, each one confident and ready to take their place amongst any quality collection.
out of stock
24.36 EUR *
3lp+cd+7" Vinyl+10" Vinyl D 04.05.18
limited box edition, incl
2lp + 7 inch
a2 poster
12 inch lp mit instrumental tracks
10 inch vinyl mit 3 excl. tracks
like all dj koze records, knock knock exists outside of trend and influence. in fact, it s a step further beyond: absolutely every single thing here, from grooves to voices to handclaps, is otherworldly and unique. which is not to say it is utterly alien abstraction, mind. there is still disco, there is still soul, there is still techno, there is still hip hop, there is still psychedelia – there are even wafts of easy listening, lost crackly thriftstore record memories and... sort of... indie rock – but though it may sound familiar, it never does what your brain thinks it s going to do.
Pampa Records

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 25.23)
CD (EUR 13.65)
in stock
58.44 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 18.04.17
geography has always been about feelings. our next record is a special one with lots of them. several years in the making. a local affair, a sorgenfri/sofielund/gamla väster/annelund affair. geography returns with what will be remembered as probably the best record of 2017, a mini album full of deeply rooted house music from total newcomer fyodor the dj, put on wax by geography straight outta malmö
in stock
9.74 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 03.04.17
our first normals welcome v/a 12” sees some familiar faces as well as some freshies to hit the label. the a side represents two vancouver, bc based projects: esb and ambien baby (a new collab group from sophie sweetland aka d. tiffany, and daniel rincon). the paronomasiac aka nik kozub, head honcho at nw starts off the b side, with london, uk duo metropolitan soul museum rounding it all off.
Normals Welcome
out of stock
10.67 EUR *
cd UK 23.08.18
the indefinable balearic spirit - hedonistic days and wild night, the thirst of wanderlist, the growing buzz that says theres goog time in store.. incl. tracks by max essa, kay zee and more
Last Copy!
16.56 EUR *
2cd D 16.05.11
refreshingly different from the common techno mainstream gabriel ananda breaks hearing- habbits using well dosed deep structured sounds. connoisseur of the uncommon enjoy his straight and fiddly cool beats. definitions become useless if techno, house and dub merge utogether like in gabriel anandas productions. since his first release in 1997 on the german label hörspielmusik by now over 20 singles on imprints like trapez, utils, treibstoff, platzhirsch and karmarouge records followed. >selected techno works< is a collection of all his floorshakers that rocked the worldwide dancefloors during the last years and a chill out cd with previously unreleased material for a laid-back time afterwards.
out of stock
15.59 EUR *
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