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cd D 30.11.18
deluxe digipak with a booklet
Black Truffle 044
Black Truffle
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12" Vinyl D 26.01.18
black truffle is honoured to present the premier recordings of two recent works by legendary american experimental composer alvin lucier. a friend and contemporary of pioneers like robert ashley, david behrman, gordon mumma, and christian wolff, lucier has been crafting elegant explorations of the behavior of sound in physical space since the 1960s. lucier is perhaps best known for i am sitting in a room (1970), in which he repeatedly re-recorded his own speaking voice being played back into a room until the room’s resonant frequencies entirely obscure the spoken text. beginning in the early 1970s, he has written a remarkable catalogue of instrumental works that focus on phenomena produced by the interference between closely tuned pitches, such as audible beating, often using pure electronic tones produced by oscillators in combination with single instruments.
Black Truffle 033
Black Truffle
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