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GECE (180G LP + MP3)
12" Vinyl D 29.04.19
turkish folk-psych-rock from amsterdam on 180 gram vinyl with download code included.
GBLP 072
Last Copy!
19.99 EUR *
7" Vinyl NL 22.03.18
reviving turkish brews of folk, psychedelia, funk and rock in the 1970s legends like selda, bar&#305,&#351, manço and erkin koray with a mixture of covers and new arrangements
BJR45 002
out of stock
11.89 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl US 07.08.09
waajeed (slum village/bling 47) and saadiq with one of the most talked about albums of 2005. feat jay dee, sa-ra, spacek, lacks, tiombe lockhart, invincible, georgia anne muldrow, taraach and others!!
out of stock
17.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 24.05.18
ousklaer welcomes rotterdam based dj and producer konduku to the label with his debut called kiran. altin and mavi saat (golden and blue hour) form the framework of the trip, easing in and out with a 4x4 groove. in between the opening and closing act kiran is less straightforward a powerful polyrhythmic hybrid of eastern europe sounds mixed with uk resulting in contagious grooves that will surely spark many dancefloors
Nous Klaer Audio
out of stock
17.99 EUR *
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