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12" Vinyl UK 11.07.18
biotic is our first release on allfeelings music, a label focused on emotive dance music. all releases will be available exclusively on vinyl. af01 is the first self release from london based dj and producer allfeelings. this is a 2 track dj tool release very reminiscent of detroit techno. you can hear crisp and warm sounds alongside jazz and funk influenced rhythms. the a side soundtracks a big city during rush hour while the b side pulls you in with deep synths and percussion. this release has the support from mark broom.
300 copies / vinyl only
Allfeelings Music
in stock
9.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 11.07.18
allfeelings is releasing a 12- in dedication to his love for early dub techno coming out of berlin. the idea behind the title “untitled” is to give the listeners more space to interpret the tracks themselves rather than being distracted with any track names. as allfeelings music label is about the amalgamation of sounds and rhythms to bring about a visceral experience, this can be observed in the african inspired percussion on side a and the subtle changes and movement it has throughout its length. side b focuses more on easy listening with sounds and dry textures meandering slowly demanding the listener’s attention at all times. the other great thing about this record is it works really well pitched down which can be used to great effect during warm ups and after hours. this release has the support from ario and o:utlier from astral industries.
Allfeelings Music
in stock
9.29 EUR *
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