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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: alden tyrell ft. mike dunn
12" Vinyl NL 07.06.12
alden tyrell hooked up with mike dunn for some new work!. a golden combination which already worked out great as we learned from the heavy remix tyrell did for the murphy jax & mike dunn collaboration (its the music - cat# cjfd06). tyrell always jamming and playing around with his synths had some tracks inspired by early mike dunn songs. so the obvious happened ... the hooked up for some appropiate vocals and here it is ... touch the sky! a peak time acid monster with mikes vocal chant in the style of his classic md3 projects. gerd is on remix duty here and delivers a killer remix with a more traditional chicago groove and build up. clone head honcho serge had some studio time with tyrell for a dub mix. the serge & tyrell dub mix turned out a bit wild and became a classic piece of piano and dx bass driven chicago house music with stuttering vocal samples and a acidic synth line. another strong clone jack for daze!
Clone Jack For Daze
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