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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: agaric / nicolas duvoisin
12" Vinyl D 04.12.15
it is no surprise after such a long friendship to find nicolas duvoisin and agaric getting in the studio together. this techno release is aimed at destroying the dancefloor at peaktime moments. fast forward is a real long progressive time bomb with a hint of acid, so brace yourselves as this is a groover! flash point on the other hand is more of a tool kind of track for the more « playful » and creative djs.
Fantastic Friends
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12" Vinyl D 21.07.11
support by: r. hawtin, magda, reboot, agaric, someone else, moodymanc, matt star, phonique, paco osuna, audio jack, brian ffar, opuswerk... refined house is what agaric and alejandro vivanco do and they always to it with class. lately in the spotlight thanks to his album on the legendary ovum label, agaric offers us >love dope<, a killer track with a killer synth hook that turns the pressure up as the track reaches its climax and will definitely send all of you straight to the dancefloor.
alejandro vivanco track, >dreaming, is really completely made for the summer season with a fresh vocal and a multitude of effects which never cease to catch you off guard. a pure gem.
to complete this ep, nicolas duvoisin rendition of alejandro vivanco >dreaming<, a subtle remix which gives this track a completely new tech house feel, in line with the dark, sub frequency killers that he has made us grow accustomed to. great work from nico.
Fantastic Friends Recordings
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8.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 09.10.09
for our first fantastic friends recordings release, billy dalessandro has cooked up an explosive mix that only he has the secret of, with a unique groove that doesnt hesitate to tickle the acid, right to the end of the song. a huge vocal riff on top, with a crazy effect and the trick is done. see you straight on the dance floor.
next, nicolas duvoisin, delivers a deep and luscious track, with a tech house influence, full of finesse thanks to a delicate rhythm section and inspired by his minimal influence ... a remix that highlights how eclectic and varied this release is.
the b face kicks off with mark henning, who once again proves his talent for creating rhythms which never cease to evolve in a subtle and discrete way. this track, with its house influence, will take you back to the sounds that made you move through the summer.
finally, agaric presents a pure groovy remix, perfect reflection of the spirit of the label, with a huge break that takes you straight to the dance floor, driven and pushed forward by a tribal rhythm that he knows how to deliver so well. everything in this track will make it the obvious choice for many a djs record bag.
Fantastic Friends Recordings
out of stock
7.99 EUR *

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