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2x12" Vinyl D Pre sale (12.07.2019)
the brand new studio album from africa express on double vinyl.
Africa Express
City In Lights
The River
Bittersweet Escape
Become The Tiger
Africa To The World
Absolutely Everything Is Pointing Towards The Light
Where Will This Lead Us To?
No Games
The Return Of Bacardi
Sizi Freaks
I Can't Move
See The World
27.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp UK 22.01.16
reissue des dritten albums (1983) der legendären psychedelic-dub-formation african head charge um den jamaikanischen produzenten & percussionisten bonjo iyaginhi noah, dessen damals undefinierbarer sound maßgeblichen einfluss auf experimentelle bass-labels wie hyperdub oder tectonic hatte. *drastic season* wurde von produzent adrian sherwood als *experiments in active frequencies, out of time noises, rhythms within rhythms, and endless tape edits* bezeichent. re-cut by dubplates & mastering, berlin, for maximum bass pressure! lp auf schwarzem vinyl mit downloadcard und bedruckten innentaschen mit sleevenotes von steve barker (on the wire).
On-U Sound
out of stock
19.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp UK 03.08.16
featuring frank and dank, phat kat and kareem --- the first on the beat generation release schedule is jay dee who inspired the above panegyric. he is one of the more prominent members of the beat generation. detroit’s don of the beats is widely regarded as one of the most important men in hip -hop alongside pete rock and dj premier. jay dee has prepared for us a feast of beats and pieces. his credentials read like a who s who of hip hop and r&b. jay dee’s slum village project has the dubious honour of being the most bootlegged in history. the recent album, fantastic vol. 2 has received superlative reviews. jay dee produced common’s like water for chocolate (lp) - a landmark album featuring d’angelo, dj premier, rahzel, george clinton and bobby caldwell. the ummah, jay dee along with q - tip and ali shaheed, produced tribe called quest’s last two albums beats, rhymes and life and the love movement. jay dee is the executive producer on the new erykah badu lp. he has recently produced tracks for the new de la soul lp, guru’s jazzmatazz 3, busta rhymes and the forthcoming jay z lp. jay dee was also the driving force behind the pharcyde and virtually the whole q-tip lp. welcome to detroit will feature a blend of jay dee’s unique hip hop and r&b productions, as well as left field twisted instrumentals and jam sessions. a perfect fusion for this phenomenon who is a dj, musician, jazz enthusiast and the hardest working hip - hop producer in the world today.
BBE Music
Last Copy!
22.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp UK 18.10.11
phat grooving instrumentals by jay dee aka j dila!
BBE Records
out of stock
22.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 16.02.11
afro beat, the original hybrid of jazz, funk and west african highlife created by fela ransome-kuti and tony allen in the late 1960s, is everything else than dead in 2011: open your mind and ears and enjoy the exciting sounds of odu, afromotive, jojo quo & his challengers and all the others. fela declared his music >the progressive music of the future<. well, the future has come. this is contemporary afro beat.
Tramp Records
out of stock
18.99 EUR *

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