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12" Vinyl UK 13.06.18
adryiano returns to shall not fade with the club fuelled Ďdreams withí ep. housed in full sleeve artwork, with inner disco bag.
Shall Not Fade
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12" Vinyl D 05.03.18
the first full artist ep of 2018 is one by a new artist for heist, but a familiar name for any modern day house aficionado: adryiano. after taking 2016 off, he came back guns blazing in 2017, releasing 5 solo eps in 1 year on labels like shall not fade and baka gaijin. his me and you and her ep for heist showcases his contemporary view on classic house and acid, and is an experiment into how much distortion a track can actually handle when youve got a killer sample hook. me and you and her is about as classic as a house track can be and moves in similar fashion as his post-2013 hit Ďon my side. its got a sweet and repetitive vocal loop, some semi-grainy but definitely groovy percussion and a deceptively simple piano hook. add some filtering and youve got a lovely warm house song that can go on forever. the a2 move it, move it moves straight into old-school chicago territory, with a raw af acid bassline. chicago bred jamie 3:26, now residing in its dutch counterpart rotterdam, gives the track a nice old school twist. hes going full 707 on the percussion and has casually added an amazing synth hook to give the remix a true vibe of its own. the ep closes off with fashion country girl: adryianos dystopian view of a world where dolly parton gets mangled through an overdrive, then gets distorted, crushed, mangled, deleted, re-added in 8 bit and then crushed some more. the result is an uptempo roller with more than enough grit, and just enough tongue-in-cheek to make everyone smile a little bit more. yours sincerely, maarten & lars.
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12" Vinyl UK 30.11.17
adryiano&#8203, &#8203,returns&#8203, &#8203,to&#8203, &#8203,shall&#8203, &#8203,not&#8203, &#8203,fade&#8203, &#8203,with&#8203, &#8203,the&#8203, &#8203,infectious&#8203, &#8203,- nite&#8203, &#8203,talk &#8203,ep -. adryiano&#8203, &#8203,richter&#8203, &#8203,follows&#8203, &#8203,up&#8203, &#8203,his&#8203, &#8203,initial&#8203, &#8203,output&#8203, &#8203,on&#8203, &#8203,snf&#8203, &#8203,with&#8203, &#8203,four&#8203, &#8203,thumping,&#8203, &#8203,club&#8203, &#8203,friendly&#8203, &#8203,tracks. the&#8203, &#8203,four&#8203, &#8203,track&#8203, &#8203,ep&#8203, &#8203,features&#8203, &#8203,a&#8203, &#8203,mixture&#8203, &#8203,of&#8203, &#8203,dance&#8203, &#8203,floor&#8203, &#8203,orientated&#8203, &#8203,house&#8203, &#8203,jams,&#8203, &#8203,showcasing&#8203, &#8203,adryianos&#8203, &#8203,versatile&#8203, &#8203,sound
Shall Not Fade
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12" Vinyl NL 24.11.17
adryiano with a solid versatile four track ep on baka gaijin.
Baka Gaijin
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13.19 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 25.08.17
yeah, blah blah. lorem ipsum rainbow banana bullshit tacos. arenít those release descriptions really senseless and stupid? as if anyone cared about a text explaining music. itís like posting selfies or continuously crying about the good old days. but you know what, while writing this - iím sitting here on a wooden chair at my favorite pizza spot. the sun is shining and iím eating these damn delicious pizza margherita slices. i might get some tiramisu afterwards. i donít know. dessert first some might say. but iím more a dessert after kind of guy. anyway, tiramisu is always a good choice.
ps: i guess now you still donít know anything about the record, but reading a lame description wouldnít help either.
Last Copy!
9.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 19.05.17
adryiano richter aka adryiano first came onto the scene in 2012 with an acclaimed release on soul notes, since then heís focussed on building his own cestraw imprint, as well as crafting and developing on his sound. this four track ep features jazz fuelled, sample heavy cuts, perfectly suited for the dancefloor. housed in full sleeve artwork sleeve, with disco bag inner.
Shall Not Fade
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12.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 03.02.17
four intense and explicit tracks from the darkest vaults of oblivion. made to meet your higher self in a spiritual surrounding of non physical yet illusional vibrations. lol just kidding - but still, some serious low end hammering going on here.
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 28.10.16
dortmund based producer mr. fries comes up with a soulíed out 4-track ep for the soul notes imprint (11th installment in the main series).
Soul Notes Recordings
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9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 15.01.16
cologne based artist adryiano has finally threaded into label managing waters. ever since the emerge of his multi functional platform cestraw back in 2011 adryiano has been twisting and thinking on when to launch the label side of things. after the humble success of his latest *down south* effort on soul notes it felt like the right time.
cr/001 turned out to be an emotive dance floor record that touches several different modes within the spectrum of underground dance music. from the straight forward 303-anthem *break module* to the uplifting yet deep, chicago-ish tones of *path of yours* - adryianos *default ep* is set to unfold just in time for the cold, dark days before christmas.
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 19.03.15
the soul notes imprint has never restricted itself to just one sound. ever since it emerged in late 2011, the basque county based outfit has shown several sides of its identity and has developed into a diverse and well balanced home. one of the labels usual suspects is cologne native, adryiano. after reaping some havoc with his efforts on the snx series early last year, adryiano has been crafting his down south ep (ironically) somewhere in the north rhine-westphalian concrete jungle. the down south ep is buldging with deep sine basses, fine rhythmic synthwork and lavish but hefty beats. the title track showcases these exact things best. the essence of adryiano s latest effort is still somewhat hard to pin down. a lot of different moods are going on throughout the ep while the overall sounds maintains it s own glance. from the deep machinefunk on down south to the broken beats of feel what you do. all of these bits have a nice theme to them.
Soul Notes Recordings
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9.99 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl. 180gr NL 27.02.14
in recent times soul notes tilted a little towards more groove driven, distortion ladenmachine funk. snx001 is the missing release out of the snx series thus far. label head honcho kastil joins up with cologne based adryiano, who is quickly becoming one of the labels favorite household names. the signature snx sounds is developing into a dark psych-oriented club sound which this ep represents as never before. the opening track *snakes and holes* is pure percussive machinery with the heaviest overdriven kickdrums you will ever hear. on the a2, adryiano sets the mood with a low swinging bass and some eardrum deafening kicks which progresses into the b1 which is perced out to the max with some 303 bassline drama and distortion to top that off. for the b2 track, head honcho kastil shows off some lo-fi drum action on controversy.
prewssing on 180 gram pink & white coloured vinyl.
Soul Notes Recordings
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl ES 28.02.13
the new saft04 effort is a very well put together 12inch release with 3 of the most promising producers of the moment cut on one slice of ferm wax!
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 25.01.13
for our 7th release, we give you the opportunity to grab 4 fantastic trax done by one of th ebest deep house producer right now : adryiano. hes a music lover and vinyl enthusiast from cologne germany rooted somewhere inbetween the 90s house sub-genres. pretty much into vintage gear when it comes to productions using 90s hardware like the mpc 2000xl. he has already released a brillant ep on soul notes recordings. this ep is clearly made for the new jerseyish deep house heads. old scool vibe with some serious banging kicks and an incredible groove. such an ep just demonstrate how on top of their game skylax / wax classic is right now - big tip!
Wax Classic
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 10.05.12
well deserved repress of the 2nd soul notes release by adryiano.
soul notes sophomore release snapback grooves by cologne based house prodigy adryiano is a hot one. straight up warehouse vibes and stunning vocal cuts emerging throughout this to 2 well energetic and jacking cuts by adryiano snapback grooves contains a lush almost sensual remix by labelowner kastil on the a2 and a typical kirill tipo regroove on the b2.this vinyl is being sold with a free postcard by spanish photographer ivan urarte. adryiano delivers a great vinyl debut its an honor to have him on soul notes.
Soul Notes Recordings
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 06.07.17
the third instalment in the shall not fade white label series featuring lk, dj boring, adryiano & deejay astral.
Shall Not Fade
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11.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 17.06.16
if this record was a fruit, it would be two melons. but itís not. itís a compilation of four tracks by adryiano, monogenic, kastil and d.j. shmugs - most probably for club use. or work, if you are weird enough. tip: tracks so different you can secretly flip the record and play them all to save space in your record bag.
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 15.06.15
soul notes snx series is bound to be relaunched with a va output that contains some of the usual suspects from the soul notes camp. kastil, adryiano, unseth and dj pegasuz lay down a bang for the buck 12 inch that carefully moves between various colours within the snx palette.
Soul Notes Recordings
Last Copy!
9.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 06.06.13
back with another banger compilation. on the a side weve got the quintessential anonymous producer crue who provides heat with the very first cut on this record which is a peak time banger close to the techno and acid realm. then, on the same side, a great detroit deep house influenced track by esperanzas label boss kasper shows the infectious and deeper work for this broad release.
Soul Notes Recordings
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl, 180gr UK 22.04.13
following on from the success of their first release, the cooler heads ep featuring two cuts from detroit legend, rick wade, the boys are back again with their here to stay ep featuring two original tracks and two remixes. label bosses, jon brooks & cecil, take the lead on this one backed by remixes from rising artists, kastil and adryiano
Artful Division
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8.99 EUR *
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