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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: abstract division x patrik skoog
12" Vinyl D 24.07.17
the second release on figure jams continues to pursue our new concept of pairing certain artists together, this time placing the seasoned swedish sound sculptor patrik skoog alongside abstract division, a collaborative project of paul boex and dave miller, two equally experienced dutch producers. the latter deliver a pair of straight-forward tunes that seemingly stem from the depths of space. with an intimidating backdrop of menacing and rummaging drones they carefully create a constant sense of alarming tension that is never lifted. this abstract threat takes solid shape in patrik skoogs slamming -the field-, a heavy hitter of immense magnitude that despite packing a bouncy punch still stays afloat thanks to its lightly dancing hats. another agile alien grooves closes the ep, with rides zooming in and out, slingering and cutting through the tracks subtly booming body
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