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7" Vinyl UK 05.08.19
bongo joes 45s series continues, presenting for the first time music from the past. this fifth single focusses on legendary algerian kabyle rock band abranis founded in 1967. the band pioneered the fusion of chaabi (traditional) music with 60s-70s western rock, proudly singing in their own berber kabyle language while wearing hippy rockers outfits. their shows in deeply influenced by pan-arabism conservative algeria were often cancelled by governors and the band once was arrested by the police, generating riots. they kept on playing and recording until mid 90s. this 45 presents two majors tracks from the band: chenar le blues, released in 1977, was a big hit on algerian national radio. the bands response to the doors. avehri, released in 1983, shows the band s obsession with merging different music styles with the north african tradition. this one goes strangely reggae.
BJR 45005
Bongo Joe Records
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coloured 2x12" Vinyl lp D 10.08.16
nice price deal !!! so: yes! - the french underground is alive and thriving. yes! - its rich and colorful! and no! - it doesnt care much for surfing the trend wave or satisfying the average taste bud. french electronic underground, which can also be read as feu - meaning fire, is a 13 song compilation showcasing the rich electronica scene thats been steadily brewing behind the tired four-to-the-floor french wall-of-sound export. the record was conceived to showcase the most unique and thoroughly gallic modern sound hybrids and sure shot fire starters. stylistically, the lp falls somewhere between experimental pop, rock infused electro, 80s geek-o-tronica, singer song-glitch-writer material and avante-tech. each song on the compilation was not only cherry picked for writing, production quality and originality, but also for a strong sense of personality and a distinct artistic signature. feu is a compact collection of sonic hyperlinks leading to a network of clubs, galleries, studios, and basements scattered all over paris and throughout france, where the sonic experiment continues.
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4.95 EUR *

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