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12" Vinyl () D 10.12.18
blinding new ep from 3kz on fides. diverse, ingenious, idm inspired. another timeless piece of music.
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 21.06.18
insula records returns to the shelves with a brand new ep by 3kz, a unique collaboration between the gifted italian producers z.i.p.p.o. & kaelan. the record lifts off with outta here , a journey into other heights with glissandi melodies rising over arpeggiating sequences to a solid driving techno track that is functional, spot-on material for the floors. this side is complemented with urban jungle , a clear-cut heady track with upfront drum programming that leads to a driving atmosphere. the b-side is something special and is fully covered with the 15-minute spanning title track d50 tears . this beautiful washed out ambient arrangement, full of emotion and soul, channels the mind to other places. a cinematic masterwork that shows the sophistication of 3kz in full depth
Insula Records
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 16.03.18
the human connection is the key to personal and career success. 3kz is the perfect example of how two great minds can connect and relate to the world with sounds that have no description. the beauty of it comes once you put down the needle and immerse yourself to listen deeply to the brilliant music that this project represents.
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12" Vinyl D 02.10.17
following a superb remix of hakimonus æinsular realms in 2015, ed davenports inland alias returns to deepa & biris black crow recordings with a brand new ep for the labels tenth release. having played a key role in the relaunch of functions infrastructure new york imprint, in addition to operating his own widley admired counterchange label, davenports techno project has brought the englishman to wider recognition as one of the genres most talented producers. the new eps three original tracks finds inland exploring all facets of his diverse sound: a1, æmetatlantic is driving, acid-laced techno, æcosinaxis, employs electro beat patterns and idm aesthetics, b-side opener, ælagoon9, is a melodic detroit-indebted big room weapon. closing out the ep is a remix of from 3kz aka italian duo z.i.p.p.o & kaelan, the latter of whom provided one of black crows standout releases so far under his 2030 alias with last years timeworm ep. their remix of æcosinaxis follows hot on the heels of their debut album æparallel reflections, released earlier this year on z.i.p.p.o.s fides imprint.
Black Crow Recordings
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8.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl 180g D 23.05.17
limited repress. great atmospherical and deep space out techno. 180g vinyl in anti static sleeve.
out of stock
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl BE 17.05.17
having previously released on z.i.p.p.os fides imprint, 3kz now bring their powerful four tracker not from here on balans records. 3kz are z.i.p.p.o and kalean
Last Copy!
9.29 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl 180g D 03.04.17
amazing longplayer by 3kz. dreamy, romantic, and pure. >parallel reflections< is the debut album from 3kz, the collaborative project between z.i.p.p.o and kaelan. this retro futuristic composition will elevate your mind, move your body, and touch your soul. 180g.
in stock
17.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 21.11.16
amazing spaced out techno release with remixes by psyk, reeko, tripeo and 3kz.
Suburban Avenue
out of stock
8.99 EUR *
cd UK 15.06.16
der detroiter dj/produzent ryan elliott machte sich als berghain/panorama bar-resident und mit releases auf ostgut ton und ghostly international einen namen in der techno-szene. sein groove betontes, ansprechendes fabric-set meistert er mit stil und bravour, indem er aus unterschiedlichsten strukturen und klangfarben nicht-lineare sequenzen baut, die dem mix erlauben sich über 70 minuten aufzubauen und abzuebben, ohne an intensität zu verlieren und den geneigten hörer darüber rätseln lassen, mit welcher leichtigkeit sich ryan elliott durch solch heterogenes terrain navigiert.
out of stock
14.95 EUR *
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