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12" Vinyl UK 06.03.19
291out ensemble return on fly by night with another well orchestrated project by riccio.
Fly By Night Music
in stock
13.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 22.06.17
a soundtrack for the contemporary -vinti- (defeated) with its dark and at the same time sparkling flavor of the 80s sounds between cold wave, synth pop and imaginary electronic atmospheres. this record with its horror-framed and distopic scenario (-slot machine-) reveals a content of social criticism healed through the warm and evocative indulgence of -che male c e-.
Early Sounds Recordings
out of stock
13.39 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 29.11.18
the 291out collective presents 291outer space - 4 cuts of cosmic jazz and futuristic funk on double vinyl.
New Interplanetary Melodies
in stock
18.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 30.03.17
shara music starts 2017 with the second vinyl of our label called -basic drink-
Shara Music
in stock
11.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 06.12.16
bosconi extra virgin has prepared for you two super tasty various artists featuring 11 tracks by 11 new, fresh and promising producers mostly from all around the italian peninsula but not only! -the sweetest- volume 1 begins with the outstanding jazzy midtempo song of austrian producer m.a.r.s -feel the heat- and the deep space, italo soundtrack infected boogie directly from napoli of bop & 291out s -uomo dalle nuvole- , known for their releases on acido records and really swing.b side features instead the chugging raw deep house track (($)) from misterious producer from tuscany def safari and more funky, garagey, soulful vibes and broken beats by the mechanical man from napoli and young artist jts1 from milano.
Bosconi Extra Virgin
out of stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 24.04.13
brilliant, diverse electronica/ambient mini album in true acido style.
Acido 012
Acido Records
out of stock
8.99 EUR *
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