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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: 19 gadi pirms sakuma
12" Vinyl NL 22.11.19
much like their contemporaries and collaborators nsrd, the music of 19 gadi pirms sakuma captures frustration with their own reality, and a playful drive to make up a new one. latvia, late 80s
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12" Vinyl FR 09.02.18
q/r features the reissue of rug-composed by chen yi (1982) (previously played by vladimir ivkovic, helena hauff) among others quality new wave, electro pop, industrial tracks composed by neud photo, automatenfall, beta evers & dora gerl as severe sisters, bb&ss, denis frajerman & william bope project the blizzard sow + an exclusive latvian piece from 1988 (19 gadi pirms sakuma). illustration by den haag based a. blokdijk (salò mentale) it s about weird electro, new wave, industrial, synth pop and dark psychedelic musik. it includes a remastered version of chen yis 1982 workrug, but also unreleased track from beta evers & dora gerl as -severe sisters-, denis frajerman & william bope project. the blizzard sow. an industrial/rock track recorded by a new band from berlin, called automatenfall... a new track from usa based artist neud photo, a cosmic electro track from mysterious bb & ss and an exclusive latvian piece from 1988 (19 gadi pirms s&#257,,kuma)
Melodies Souterraines
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