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12" 09.02.18
berlin based producer zigan aldi has always been open for different cultural influences in his music. an openess that might go back to his own background since zigan had been brought up in the eastern part of turkey, before he moved to germany when he was 14. apart from working in various jobs it was always the music that kept him going and let him experience his true passion. after releasing music on bedouin’s label truecolors or 3000 grad it was about time his diverse music finds another home on underyourskin records. therefore zigan delivers four exclusive tracks that depict his approach to electronic music with a mostly downtempo vibe. ‘luton’, ‘seems to be’ and ‘olin’ follow the path of the label’s as well as zigan’s philosophy: a slightly oriental influence that meets darker multi-layered synth chords to create significant atmospheres that can work at any time at the club. ‘miracle’ featuring sandeck is just what the track title suggest: a musical miracle. as the track slowly enfolds its groove to the audience, it is the guitar riffs and the vocals that sum up magic of this track at this very intimate moment.
Underyourskin Records
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