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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: you ought to know feat. zvh
12" 15.12.11
nice price deal !!! exercise one return to their exone label for the end of 2011 with a low slung slice of electronic indie featuring zach van hoozer of the zulu pearls on the title track you ought to know. exercise one and van hoozer first met when the zulu pearls played with them in berlin and impressed with their melancholic pop melodies and minimal arrangements, coupled with zacs distinctive voice and swagger. peter van hoesen delivers a standout remix, working for the first time with a full vocal arrangement. peter is a long-term friend of the duo, first recording on their lan muzic label when he began producing techno again and having released previously on exone this year.
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1.26 EUR *
6.29 EUR
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3x12" 31.08.12
3x12inch pack for a special price!! incl tracks and remixes by dave vega / exercise one / andrea zannini / marc hole / peter van hoesen
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6.55 EUR *
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