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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: yamu002
12" Vinyl FR 25.10.18
yama music return with their second instalment on their own self-titled label, with yet more trippy minimal house music. as with the first record, yama music 002 brings 3 original cuts which are stripped back groove aimed at the dancefloor. the uk based label kick things off with “outstore”, eerie pads sit on top of tight stripped back drums which have a glitchy atmospheric synth adding to the cosmic feel of this record. the b side are two tracks that follow a similar pattern but retain their individuality. the first of these is “who what space”, this track is propelled along with a bone shaking yet infectious bassline, crisp percussion and an otherworldly synth. “who what toms” wraps up the ep with delicate shuffling percussion, a tight kick drum and a sexy bassline ready to make the dancefloor hum. a well placed vocal and a synth that sounds like it’s taken from the starship enterprise rounds off a great return for yama music.
Yama Music
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