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12" Vinyl UK 22.01.18
on the magic movements latest trick, xique-xique from sao paulo paints a psychedelic panorama of the mysterious world of amazonia, full of waterfalls, bellicose woman, and an endless flora & fauna. by combining brazilian rhythms with elements of techno, dubby house and plenty of bird sounds they create a unique bunch of vivid slow jams to get lost in. being already a classic in the infamous circles, xaxoeira is finally available on vinyl ! this vibey masterpiece is the straightest of the bunch, a proper slow-mo house tune, with a dark flute sample and a broken organ that grinds its way into the deepest corners of your brain. nicola cruz (multi culti, zzk rec.) delivers a superb remix of xaxoeira which adds rolling percussions and delay madness to the original material.
Magic Movement
out of stock
10.71 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 17.09.18
ltd repress !! contrary to the songs name, this interpretation of a traditional afro-brasilian candomble song, appears to be forged from mythical lost amazonian gold. recorded in sao paulo with an allstar cast of arteria fm (on vocal duties), salvador araguaya (caressing the viola caipira) & spaniol (stroking the baixo), steered by nicola s production prowess, this quartet delivers a melodic enhancement to the summer sun. as if the sun wasn t shining bright enough already, the single comes backed by a remarkable remixer ensemble procured from their duties as fellow sun-worshippers: xique-xique s dragonfruit mix is a wondrous journey full of surprising leaps and bounds, alternating between hypnotic electronics and organic song structure. saving the best til last he raises the energy whilst keep the beats low and the vibes ecstatic. hit ! crussen s creamy cocodub raises the energy whilst concentrating on a dubbed out groove, (that) classic crussen bassline and carefully sliced & re-appropriated vocals. finally in-house poster-boy carrot green s granola mix combines disco, deep grainy bassines, juicy bells and signature flourishes into a bowl of magical mind-whirling hip-spinning edible sex.
Magic Movement
out of stock
10.03 EUR *
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