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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: volkan akaalp
12" NL 15.08.14
giallo disco journeys further east with the release of baskin. our first original soundtrack written by turkish composer volkan akaalp for the short film by enfant terrible can evranol (to my mother and father). baskin tells the story of four cops discovering a nightmare of lovecraftian proportions during a routine investigation. this incredible soundtrack is an eastern twist on the works of fabio frizzi, industrially corroded by early 90s r&s records. shot independently in istanbul, turkey, during the height of the gezi riots baskin has been described as disgusting. disorienting. brilliant by horror director eli roth. comes with a full colour sleeve and two exclusive remixes on the b-side by giallo disco heads vercetti technicolor and antoni maiovvi. things are about to get weird...
Giallo Disco Records
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