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12" shrinked 30.11.16
nice price deal !!! gioele giacopelli, also known under the jwl moniker, is an italian producer and dj who had his music released by many international record labels such as plus plus, soul shift music, sexonwax and fortezza records. the uk based label pathway traxx released his disco cuts ep on vinyl, which held the number 1 spot in multiple charts and its track called again n again was supported by famous artists such as ben ufo. since 2016, jwl is signed under soundscapes records/escape series, where he collaborates with tuscan musician and producer inno (giovanni ferretti). giovanni ferretti participated as a multi-instrumentalist with a band called sycamore age on the album of the same name, released on santeria/audioglobe records in march 2012. the album was distributed by rough trade in german speaking countries, france and belenux, where it has been selling well. in december 2013, fortezza records released hard dreamers ep which included tracks by giovanni ferretti and jwl. at that time, jwl was involved in various multimedia and electroacoustic projects within and outside of his musical studies. soon, inno and jwl will release a 4-track ep escape series 003 on vinyl.
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