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12" Vinyl UK 08.11.07
incl. jay tripwire remix !! debut of stockholm based duo groovenauts alongside veteran charlie king in >brighter days<. together they have fought to maintain the original underground feeling of house music! on remix duty west coast veteran jay tripwire continues in a rich vein of form after releasing his album >gemini soul< on the impressive nordic trax! jay is culled in to provide a tripped out space workout providing us with a deep vocal and dub which makes us reminisce of them old herbi analgoe sounds!
Underground Garage
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8.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 02.08.07
shack musics sister label ugh rolls out its 2nd release in time for the summer! already finding favour on early promo from djs as diverse as osunlade, rainer trueby, rocco, alix alvarez, franck roger amongst others, this is one deep as fook tune! seed allstarz are bradford james and nef nunez hailing from bean town that is boston and brooklyn, ny respectively! now seeing the light of day shack label head soy mustafa steps out with co-producer alex celler under the kemistry guise to unleash a peak time stomper with the terrace mix, that is aimed straight at the floor with its synth stabs, infectious bassline and melodic keys. on remix duty we have called in boddhi satva who at the moment is doing amazing things alongside alton miller and osunlade working on his album for the yoruba imprint. boddhi kicks things off with a choppy drum pattern rolling it out with some fat bass and deep ass strings which tells you that this brutha truly hails from the mother land
Underground Garage Hits
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8.99 EUR *
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