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12" Vinyl FR 28.12.09
armabass, the hardstyle french label, is proud to present you his first vinyl, this first opus contains tracks of breakthrough french artists of the moment, notably hasty boy, new comer of armabass label, and the duo vioda / kaynshin of the artstylerz band. you will find too on the vinyl, the >ufo< of hardstyle scene: the kaos project ( starring dkaito, vioda, kaynshin and many other) and his famous choir. to finish, an unseen duo between kaos projects composer and vioda, with the track >the alone theme< this original sampler is the first step of a serie, of many other productions. good listening.
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4.95 EUR *
cd UK 16.01.13
french label astro lab recordings has been around for 6 years, releasing vinyls, and now introduces its first compilation on cd. as a turning point in its history, the label had to put together a special and exclusive selection, putting forward all its beloved inspirations and influences. this is how the treasure hunting compilation was crafted. the eighteen tracks on the record are mostly unreleased and composed by fellow artist friends, all part of the astro lab adventure since the beginning: andrew weatherall, kaos or timothy j fairplay - to name a few.
Astro Lab
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14.99 EUR *
4xcd UK 25.07.12
2012 sees detroit label, kms records, celebrating its 25th anniversary.
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23.99 EUR *
cd NL 24.10.08
best ever top 100 hardstyle tracks incl. showtek,deepack,dana,the prophet,donkey rollers and many more
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19.99 EUR *
2x cd UK 20.03.13
king street feiert seine bereits seit zwei jahrzehnten andauernde liebe zu house music mit einem seiner wichtigsten helden, louie vega. der zweimalige grammy award-gewinner, teil eines der einflussreichsten house music produktions-teams, masters at work, und mitverantwortlich für wegweisende projekte wie nuyorican soul und elements of life, hat auf vega on king street eine top selection von eigenen tracks, produktionen und remixes zusammengestellt.
King Street
out of stock
15.99 EUR *
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