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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: traumer - diplo
12" 14.05.21
the third entry into our catalogue is provided by our very dear traumer. the frenchman has proven himself a true force in the electronic music community, seamlessly weaving his distinct sonic designs into memorable, ageless rhythms. his latest offering follows a prolific run of singleminded records, each one further developing on the minimal house theme he is laid out for himself. this ep features a condensation of those findings. starting things off with >diplo<, a lean groove working the very long hours, we are introduced to a fresh set of tracks balancing the serviceable with the elusive. with its loose arrangement of organic sounds and a hazy feel, >douce< is tripped house mix makes good on its promise. find the deeper rotations on the flipside, where >prima< and «plastica» both explore the heady mindset to their fullest. nerve tingling goodness for intimate listening experiences.
Adams Bite
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10.92 EUR *
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