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12" US 13.04.11
nice price deal !!! their last 12 inch elevator got plays from aeroplane and milo, now this new 12 inch drops with a remix from house producer nick chacona. also includes the original mix. on the flipside neurotic drum ensemble(john selway & ulysses) are joined by liquid liquids sal principato for a post punk remix of little countries.
Dither Down Records
out of stock
4.06 EUR *
12" US 24.11.10
this brooklyn duo, trap.avoid, create this smooth soundscape of mesmerizing electronica that draws clear influence from the likes of giorgio moroder, orbital, chicago house, etc. remixes ranging from sample-funk to disco-punk from in flagranti, populette, and 33hz fill out the release. aeroplane was rocking this on tour in oct!
Dither Down
out of stock
8.18 EUR *
12" US 13.04.11
silky vocals, warm basslines, gentle guitar licks and a smooth melody a perfect ode to a beautiful day. prins thomas kicks off the 12 inch with an epic 12 min long remix. eli escobar remixes night spot, a heart pounding dance floor scorcher and trap.avoid do a minimal disco remix of under the sun.
Dither Down Records
out of stock
7.29 EUR *
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