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12" Vinyl NL 22.04.10
track 2! john daly continues his evolution as a producer and comes with some of the best works he ever did! rooted in chicago house traditions of larry heard he comes with track 2 on his own designer label for tracks he loves to play. this is an ultimate house track that very few djs can resist. classic groove, epic build up, intense synths, sexy bass lines! he navigates between classic deep house and his own desire to go into oceanic depths. larry heard would be proud of him!
One Track Records
out of stock
8.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 02.08.18
ppa & z$oli are an mpc duo from székesfehérvár, hungary, 2 guys who are obsessed with breaks and mpc-s. with their debut on e-beamz they drop a nostalgia drenched ep rooted deeply in early hardcore, rave and jungle also touching down in tha house early on. ppa & z$oli may seem an unknown name to most and some say that it s connected to gnork or dj shark but who knows.
E-Beamz Records
in stock
9.99 EUR *
3x12" Vinyl + cd D 27.12.12
this limited mos ferry pack includes mfp017 by luka & lazo, mfp028 by dapayk solo & mfp041 by apendics.shuffle and mfp046cd by marcel knopf.
Mos Ferry
out of stock
9.99 EUR *
cd D 19.01.10
mix cd by one of ostwind label heads marlose with his favorite tracks from the ostwind family.. incl tracks from ow020, ow025, owltd018, sub005, sub003, owltd013, owltd013, sub002 and ow027

also available as:
Deluxe Edition (EUR 8.69)
Vinyl (EUR 7.99)
in stock
4.99 EUR *
2xcd D 22.10.07
great dirt crew longplayer incl phat bonus cd with many dirt crew remixes. tolles paket
Dirt Crew
Last Copy!
18.99 EUR *
2xcd UK 28.09.07
die britischen klaxons (kitsuné) gehören zur speerspitze der aktuellen electrorock-bewegung und stellen hier ihre derzeitigen lieblingshits, alltime-favourites & essentiellen einflüsse zusammen. während cd1 den dancefloor & die party zeleberiert, stellt cd2 eine home listening-selektion fürräume mit sitzgelegenheiten dar. wie erwartet ist die auswahl stilistisch sehr vielfältig, kommen doch trendy acts der jetztzeit (justice, chemical brothers, the good the bad & the ugly) mit eklektischen & progressiven sounds der vergangenheit zusammen (roy orbinson, faust, hawkwind).
Bugged Out
out of stock
24.90 EUR *
24 23 MUSIC (CD)
cd US 28.09.07
out of stock
16.99 EUR *
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