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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: tolga baklacioglu - untitled vent / vent007
12" Vinyl US 14.10.15
vent adds yet again new sonic influences to its palette, this time owing thanks to its main curator tolga baklacioglu. with this release, we are pleased to add more than just a sprinkle of industrial and ebm influences to the catalogue of records we are proud to say is the sound of vent. to make things even better, one of more interesting techno producers as of late, and also sweden’s favourite son - daniel andréasson - wanted to lend us a hand to really bring the point home with this record. laden heavy with distortion, this release goes further than one can call the lofi sound - instead the thought is taken to its logical conclusion: distortion is as much an element in its own right as time, space and velocity.
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