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2xcd D 22.08.16
wowser, what a stunning double feature we have here in our hands today! to all our ibiza amigos and chicas: cocoon recordings presents an unbelievable package just in time for the peak of this years ibiza season. please welcome sonja moonear and one of the greatest house and techno producers of all time, mister carl craig! and what a package this is… full of love, soul and electronic dance music highlights. carl craig is in charge for cd1 of our official 2016 ibiza release. the detroits 90s techno wunderkind and the mastermind behind some of the biggest house and techno records ever made leaves us almost speechless with his amazing selection and mix. of course we didnt expect anything

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Last Copy!
14.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 07.07.17
the silverlining dubs series marches on with this set of three rare remixes by the south londoner. the a-side features silverlining s outright monster of a dub of the inhabitants -the truth and a lie- with jayson walker of vocals, followed by the warm baseline heavy groove of g-spot by tokyo s dog with the groove lights and on the flip, a whole side dedicated to his highly sought-after remix of the mingers. together this cooks up one swirling broth of straight up underground house music with sprinklings, in equal measures, of intellect and party spirit!
SVD 004
Silverlining Dubs
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9.99 EUR *
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