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12" Vinyl blue white splatter D 07.09.15
alles andrs sound and ideas speak loudly and quiet on this wonderful release, sharing another part of his journey and adding another essential piece to his discography and the resopal archive. now he connects melancholy with the necessary push to the dance floor. alles andrs continues to lay the foundation for his experimental combination of deep house and techno with a collection of two mind-bending pieces. -feel it- on the a side is a deep and warm melancholy track which will give you the chills while -tenebrae- fits into every modern dj set. designed as couloured and very limited splatter vinyl.
out of stock
8.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 08.10.12
tenebraes >element ep< is the third release of grinch productions, a label specialising is deep and dark electronic music. the tracks >cold forged< and >element< incorporate found sounds and effects from industrial environments to give the music a sense of machine-like movement. the heavy pulse of the tracks attempts to capture a feeling of the technological driving force behind modern civilisation. also featured is a remix of >element< by the grinch himself. this track follows on from the theme of the release and adds a hypnotic broken rhythm to the formula.
Grinch Productions
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4.95 EUR *
3x12" Vinyl UK 18.07.17
die legendären britischen rough trade-shops starten mit -behind the counter- eine release-serie mit einflüssen und inspirationen ihnen beliebter künstler. den anfang macht der in berlin lebende, britische neoklassik- und filmkomponist max richter, der einen faszinierenden einblick in seinen musikalischen kosmos gewährt, aus dem er seine einzigartige, künstlerische vision schöpft. die 36-track-compilation enthält musik von mogwai, boards of canada, let s eat grandma, kaitlyn aurelia smith, godspeed you! black emperor, philip glass, aphex twin und low, sowie klassische werke von rachmaninoff und bach, und erscheint als doppel-cd mit zwei mixsets und als triple-lp mit allen ausgespielten tracks, samt einem download-code zu den beiden mixsets.
Rough Trade
out of stock
38.99 EUR *

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