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12" Vinyl D 17.06.16
jimpster s much loved eel pie island track first graced the coveted 10 years of systematic compilation from last year. now, after widespread love, label boss marc romboy has commissioned a set of remixes to give the track an extra lease of life for the coming summer months. the originals, locomotive esque, slow-mo jam is taken on first by keinemusik main-man and cocoon favourite adam port. the german brings techno and minimal sensibilities to the fore but with extra tempo and swing. a mid tempo beat drives the track as atmospheric flourishes and nuanced samples create a lighter and breezier feel. an added vocal adds a hazy dose of ethereal pleasure, as adam creates another slice of musical magic. fresh from his objektivity release, hyenah offers a version of eel pie island that brings a chiming, plonking vibe, wood block percussion and bongos, all fluctuating in a sea of tribal beats, deep house and delicious sub bass. another triumph for systematic.
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