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12" 31.07.09
they are from new jersey. they are a trio (well, a quartet if you count parrot shithead). they were one of the lucky winners of 2008 issue of the international nuclear blast myspace contest and they will teach you how to thrash the right way! arrrrrr!
Nuclear Blast 2648538
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21.44 EUR *
12" 01.04.09
244 km!! thats the distance between berlin and hamburg. this is what hauke freer and matthias reiling do as often as possible to visit each others studios and start fighting over bass lines and kick drums. after some top notch releases on the real soon and morris audio record labels we are very pleased to welcome a four tracker from the duo at hairy claw hq. the boys open up the ep with swashbuckler, hypnotic, minimal grooves with snatches of percussion and spun in samples. very go round carries on the minimal grooves but juxtaposes jazzy snatches and wonky stabs. foot the bill introduces tribal rhythms and samples, whilst drum fest black betty rounds things off with a percussive and left field slant. a varied and impressive debut from hauke and matthias on hairy claw.
Hairy Claw
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7.79 EUR *
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