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cd D Pre sale

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 20.46)
15.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 04.06.20
b-stock! cover with seam split. vinyl unaffected & mint. true house music with elements of jazz, tight percussions and heavy punchy basslines.
Aper House Recordings
out of stock
11.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 05.05.20
true house music with elements of jazz, tight percussions and heavy punchy basslines.
Aper House Recordings
out of stock
11.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 18.12.19
new album by jean tonique

also available as:
CD (EUR 15.59)
out of stock
20.46 EUR *
12" Vinyl clear orange D 01.03.13
celebration! dpk #10. again, we start with a limited edition on coloured vinyl. this time we got inspired by a common phrase in the morning, how do you like your eggs? sunny side up!
out of stock
8.28 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 09.06.11
in all the thea rooms, the meeting centers for alcoholics russians and the blogs of the sapareted nations of the wikirebels were wondering where anton and maxim truly ended up. perhaps non all were aware of wap happened in moscow after the big heat of the summerr 2010. used to the polar cold also the computers ad all the electronic comunications took a moment to reflect, closing, in a natural obligation and right to silent. but this does not apply to scsi-9. the guys have to work with dedication and long care, clear, relaxed. do things well means knowing how to wait, as tasting a fine wine, smooth. in this the cold couple births their new mood in two beautiful tracks and perceives new exchanges of high level with john tejada and pablo bolivar. two thin encouters of arte and culture, where pablo silken and john point- blank reveal a tick record, impeccable. john bounces our breath trough harmonic turns and chorns that transforms the original track in a new roaring engine and well-calibrated, with an unforgettable ending. pablo enters the tunnel of sound to cover/wrap in a soft and comfortable limbo, more visionary than ever. deep that becomes contemporary is ready. only 500 copies distributed on the planet.
Apparel Music
out of stock
7.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp US 02.11.17
when it comes to living legends in the texas and latin music pantheon, few have been at it longer and are more revered by their fans and peers than soul vocalist and mexican-american songwriter and bandleader sunny ozuna. he became a star right out of high school in the late ‘50s and hasn’t looked back in the six decades since.
among countless other honors and notable achievements, sunny was the first latino artist to appear on dick clark’s “american bandstand” (in 1963). songs like “put me in jail,” “talk to me,” “should i take you home,” “my dream” and “smile now, cry later” still bring crowds to their feet throughout the southwest and california and around the world at “oldies” and “lowrider soul” events. and after releasing dozens of albums since the mid-1960s (in spanish and english), sunny still keeps a busy schedule and loves performing as much as he did as a teenager. his classic 45s regularly change hands for hundreds of dollars among collectors around the world, affirming his timeless appeal.
this new compilation on brooklyn’s acclaimed big crown label is a lovingly curated selection of songs from the years 1966 to 1972. all compositions were originally released on sunny’s key-loc label, formed after his national star had been established, so he could have control of his own musical destiny. with sunny hits – a mix of originals and some great covers thrown in mr. brown eyed soul is an excellent celebration of sunny’s amazing body of work, and a perfect introduction for newcomers.
produced in full collaboration and cooperation with ozuna himself, the cd and lp packaging includes liner notes by texas music scholar and archivist ramon hernandez, and features dozens of rare photos provided by sunny himself.
vinyl lp in gatefold sleeve including download code.
Big Crown
Last Copy!
24.36 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 17.05.16
we reckon it s time for a full junktion ep on outplay! you can say wide awake is an appropriate title after a wonderful 2015 with a string of ep s on sleazy beats, razor-n-tape and rose records. this four tracker explores the sound he s been developing over the years and even touches a newer side. the ep opens with the title track wide awake and embodies the signature junktion sound with a summery balearic touch. what we are is a faster synth laden affair coupled with his usual sample action. sunny side up is what the title says it is, a sunny disco track driven by a groovy bassline and a funky rhythm guitar. the ep closes down with don t mess up for a more contemplative jazzy track with some smooth sampling and afro touches.
out of stock
10.63 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 12.03.20
limited repress
Star Creature
out of stock
16.56 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 26.02.20
limited to 500 copies
Star Creature
out of stock
16.56 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 06.02.19
apollonia music unveils its latest release, which comes straight out of dan ghenacia s lab. the fresh new ep is amusingly titled the egg after his son, who was born just a few months ago, and sees dan bringing together three productions with different styles and flavours, each with an egg-related track name. it s been a while since monsieur ghenacia appeared on apollonia s label, but this ep is definitely worth the wait... on side a it s o&#776,,,, la coque (boiled egg), aptly-titled with its aquatic low end percolating and bubbling away. quirky effects keep things interesting throughout, adding depth and movement... then we get a killer riff which lifts the vibes higher. once that disappears a mysterious set of chimes arises from the deep adding a mystical feel to the track before it continues on with its bubbly groove. flip the record over and side b kicks off with mykonos huevos , which boasts hard-hitting percussion and a sublime b-line designed to get those hips moving with a sensual rhythm. the insistent, dramatic atmosphere is relentless and this is one of those cuts that will captivate the dance floor when it s dropped. lastly, we have sunny side up which rounds off the ep nicely, bringing that sunday after hours vibe you ll find at dan s party godeep. this one has a heady vibe with a hypnotic main riff and secondary piano riff that complements it perfectly. the beats are crisp, the low end warm and soothing which, combined with progressively trippy atmospherics, envelopes you and transports you to a better place, way beyond the stars. ... and there it is, a thoroughly eggscelent ep from dan ghenacia, courtesy of apollonia music
Last Copy!
10.99 EUR *
11x12 lpbox D 01.07.13
all 10 releases + brand new dpk11!! dapayk solo is a studio workaholic and he strikes a blow for vinyl. in 2009 he started his very own vinyl only series called dpk, next to his well established labels mo s ferry, fenou and rrygular. the idea was to present vinyl in striking colours as a special format for his liveset tracks and beloved edits by artists such as format:b, super flu, sascha braemer and jon hester. it s a feast for the eyes and the ears all in one. now, four years later and after reaching #10 of the series, dapayk decided to compile all tracks in a collectors box. in addition to the previously released records he also included the brand new dpk #11 with a remix by aka aka. this big bundle contains 23 tracks and ranges from minimalistic to funfair tunes and also some edgy b-sides.
out of stock
58.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 25.10.12
the fuse london imprint welcome two new members to its crew with the ‘in contrast’ ep by luke miskelly & ittetsu, backed with a collaborative remix from founder enzo siragusa and chris lattner. the fuse london imprint, again display their ability to stand out from the crowd with the unique and tasteful music found on >in contast<.
Fuse London
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 15.11.10
on the turn to the second decade of dial records roman flügel makes a wish come true and feeds the family with a 12inch of essential works, mindblowing and totally unexpected
Dial 054
out of stock
7.20 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 16.06.08
mit remixen von a different jimmy (egoexpress), alexander marcus, lars moston (moonbootica)...
Aktsie 700
out of stock
7.98 EUR *
cd D 11.02.11
Tyranno Lounge
Last Copy!
12.66 EUR *
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