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2x12" Vinyl D 09.04.18
the irresistible pairing of steve bug and langenberg return with ‘paradise sold - a full double-vinyl- album of exquisitely crafted house music on bugs own poker flat recordings.
Poker Flat Recordings
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17.98 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 23.10.17
poker flat label boss and genuine dance music legend steve bug teams up with langenberg for this excellent two track ep. langenberg has released an unfathomable number of dancefloor fillers under various monikers on labels such as drumpoet community, mule, ovum or styrax leaves and recently released his debut album central heated house on dessous. langenberg is also one half of the project ribn. chord cluster has summer anthem written all over deep yet euphoric, spacy yet danceable, and ultimately a deeply emotive piece of house music that will bring smiles to faces all year. the rhythm track is tight yet remains loose and funky, while the pads and synths dip into just the right amount of acid to keep the ravers lost in the moment. the teaze treads similar ground arpeggiated pulses lead the arrangement, while a chicago influenced groove brings a shuffle to proceedings the joy in the track is evident it s clear the guys were having a lot of fun in the studio.
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8.57 EUR *
cd D 13.09.11
even the biggest secrets will come out eventually…! and so we are very excited to announce the next in the series of dessous >best kept secrets< - volume 3 no less!cd1 - compiled by steve bug, cd2 - mixed by phonique..
Last Copy!
13.64 EUR *
5xcd UK 13.08.18
5 cds compilation for all digweed fans! this time we head to tokyo and to one of the best underground clubs out there. contact is an amazing basement club with a low ceiling, minimal lighting and an incredible sound system
out of stock
26.31 EUR *
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