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2x12" Vinyl FR 04.12.19
saigon soul revival revives the sound of 60s & 70s vietnam.
Saigon Supersound
Last Copy!
22.41 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 26.04.12
state of mind are no strangers to drum and bass,and fresh off the heels of their last album nil by ear and their free live album,we would undoubtedly consider them official rockstars. always busy in the studio, managing their own imprint: som music (state of mind music),and actually finding time to tour,they are relinquishing some serious output. this double a-side record proves how versatile these gents are! the a side is a pure slice of raver euphoria with one of 2012s biggest anthems mass media, while the flip displays a more techy-rolleresque side of the duo featuring budapest,hungarys finest export,jade (whom needs no introduction) it is interesting to note, however,that all of our glorious vinyl artwork comes from the one like gabor simon aka jade. fact.
Subsonik Sound
out of stock
7.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 31.08.11
ssssshiiiit! about time. joes in-demand refix of bones finally gets a vinyl pressing. a permanent fixture in the boxes of bok bok, pearson sound and ben ufo since way back before they were shaving. on the flip, d&b badman rockwells skeletal refix is a lesson in precision, neck-snapping beats and rib-crushing bassweight. vinyl comes wrapped in sssssiiiick artwork by abihey. sssssstandard. keep it real gully yeah. sssss.x
Hemlock Recordings
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
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