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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: spector & damon lamar
12" Vinyl US 09.07.09
its been 5 yrs since the last record was released on tetrode music. (the deep theory ep). the wait is over and the duo of damon lamar and specter have returned. this ep is picking up right where they have left off. deeply rooted in the underwater sound that have made the releases on tetrode must haves by heads around the world. side a is produced by specter and he drops his signature beatdown sound. >bazerko< is a stripped down minimal heater that builds up with 707 drums, sub bass and a hammond organ riff that really bring this track together. >nighthawk< is a beautiful laid out sunrise track. smooth drums, warm pads, and bubbly appregiated synths. inspiration drawn from larry heard and the deep techno sound of the 90Æs. side b is produced by damon lamar. >large crowd< is this beating track pulled and resurrected from the vault. heavy percussion loop, dirty bass, deep chords and a haunting vocal that must be heard to understand the meaning. >put it on ice< is a laid back downtempo track that shows the versatility of damon lamar. lush strings, dubby bass and melodic keys make it a track that just grooves and soothes the ear. tetrode music has returned with this solid offering and one thing for sure is the sound hasnÆt changed ... just more refined.
Tetrode Music
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