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2x12" Vinyl D 06.05.19
out of stock
21.44 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp UK 21.12.16
out of stock
31.18 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp JP 30.05.16
heeeeeeeeello everybody! i know this is everybody are waiting for!!!! all same as usual. limited press & no repress as you know. please can you send your order as quickly as possible. i will fulfil the order by the order date so if you want to get full qty, please send order early! a non-invisible visits the snaker library,-mood hut(mh), a canadian pacific musician collective / label / vibe etc-although made from 8 different producers, in flexible combinations and otherwise solo, consistently maintaining“that- sound. mh shows us through 360°+ dimension of their unique character in this #007. the package includes 10 synthy, drummy, funny, moody, spooky ...y, y, tracks, from their un-archived stock. smoke it softly and breathe with it deeply. highlights include the smooth touch of j. jutson, the love from l. butler, spiritual, the badlands by i. wyatt, smokey perspective by t.matt, hard punch by d. reynolds, funny guy c. thiessen, nice colors of green by mustone, the untouchable e.a. wilson and the belated disco mantra from chris wang.
out of stock
21.40 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 28.04.15
10 track 12- on collectable japanese label -snaker-. leaving signature fm synthesis work arcade game, blends with soft reggae feelings, his programming make more minimalismic, polyrhythmic and even funky approach through eerie,vertiginous,glistering and ominous without long dramatic notes. this primary sound make us mad, it has something common to lo-fi feeling or row house groove.
out of stock
18.51 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp D 15.05.13
out of stock
20.46 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 11.02.13
a fine collection of 11 beats, grooves & rhythms by cos/mes.
out of stock
10.13 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 10.09.14
the supremely talent william burnett makes a belated return to emotional response, and this time he s got brooklyn-based studio pal john beall in tow. those who enjoyed the duo s release on the l.i.e.s. white label series should lap up shimmer. it hits hard from the off, with -snaker charmer- delivering a velvet-clad punch to the guts. it s techno right from the top drawer, with darting electronics and drawn out pads riding a thunderous groove. the title track is impressive, too, with surging electronics and throbbing synths riding a techno-tempo groove crafted out of an old hardcore breakbeat. there s some more considered fare on offer, too, with the shimmering ambience of -hold me take me leave me- completing a superb package.
ERS 011
Emotional Response
out of stock
10.67 EUR *
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