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12" Vinyl D 25.05.09
only a very few lucky people can call skatebards wonderful debut lp their own. >skateboarding was a crime in 1989< got released on telles electronic offshoot tellektro, home of great norwegian artists like annie or rÖyksopp. the key track on that album was >sgnelkab< which got played and loved to death by djs like sven väth, michael mayer and pascal feos. it instantly became a classic and always remained a secret weapon. the few copies available on discogs cost 50 and more.... now >sgnelkab< is finally available on a full vinyl side and remastered to great effect! along comes a brand new remix by norwegian techno godfather mental overdrive (r&s). he turned the track into an insanely hot disco rave remix that already got great feedback from the usual suspects. the artwork was accomplished by another scandinavian legend: sähkös very own tommi grönlund!
Digitalo Enterprises 04
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7.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 12.01.18
originally a heavy metal drummer, bård aasen lødemel aka skatebård, got into techno and rave during the 90s. hailing from a small town called Ørsta on the norwegian west coast, lødemel moved to bergen where he quickly became part of the student town s growing club scene. after handing over a homemade demo to tellé records label boss mikal telle, lødemel got signed to tellé offshoot label tellektro in 2001. his first release under the name of skatebård, a 12- mini album called -skateboarding was a crime (in 1989)- was released in 2002, and skatebård s reputation as an excellent techno/electro producer started to spread beyond norway s borders. since then skatebård has gone on to release on labels such as sex tags mania, radius records, supersoul recordings, keys of life finland, luna flicks, totally as well as his own digitalo enterprises. -skateboarding was a crime (in 1989)- was pressed in a very limited edition and sold out quickly. since then it has been a desired object for record collectors and techno and electro aficionados around the globe. now the time has come to make the mini album available again, something this true masterpiece really deserves.
out of stock
33.99 EUR *
2x cd UK 06.03.19
incl. tracks by dennis ferrer, mateo murphy, mathew jonson, henrik schwarz, afriqua and many more
Global Underground
Last Copy!
13.49 EUR *
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