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7" 13.01.21
live recordings from session victim & erobique on 7 inch vinyl.
Not On Label
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7.97 EUR *
2cd + dl code 31.03.16
stunning project shocasing hamburgs finest.2 cd for special 1 cd price! includes downloadcode to the full, unmixed tracks from cd2! - 2cds in a digipac for a special price include in total 29 tracks (dj koze, remute, smallpeople, extrawelt, isolée, andre winter/h.o.s.h., lawrence, vincenzo, boris dlugosch. a.m.m), no less than 15 of these are new and exclusively produced by wareika, erobique, oliver huntemann, rvds and many more - theres a vinyl ep too. hfndisk30 !!
HFN Music
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11.46 EUR
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