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BANG YEARS 1966-1968 (180G 2X12 LP)
2x12" Vinyl lp UK 06.01.12
if there can be a definitive introduction to neil diamond, its the bang years 1966-1968. these 23 examples of raw talent, pop songcraft and rock attitude have stood the test of time easily. this 2lp comes with remastered mono audio on audiophile 180 gram vinyl with a beautiful 12 page booklet. talk about a bang for your buck!
Music On Vinyl
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39.90 EUR *
2xcd ES 04.01.12
dj oliver & java from ibiza present deejaying around the globe in a 2cd mix compilation. incl. dirty souh, underworld, tocadisco and many more
Last Copy!
19.99 EUR *
cd UK 09.05.08
world series live: san farncisco! mixed by phil faversham & jim breese.tracks from pryda,dubfire,funkerman fedde le grand and many more
out of stock
27.89 EUR *

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