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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: riff shapes
12" Vinyl UK 06.04.18
spencer parker readies the third and final remix package of different shapes and sizes this april featuring remixes from radio slave, italojohnson and nic fanciulli. concluding the series featuring dj deep, fett burger, rising sun, tijana t, setaoc mass and akirahawks, ep03 includes three artists that have long been close to spencer parker. radio slave has released parker s music via rekids for over a decade, whilst nic fanciulli s saved has hosted multiple records, like parker s debut album. spencer s relationship with italojohnson also stretches years including the trio s first remix (a spencer parker release on tsuba) and appearances at work them records showcases. radio slave s remix of information deviation is an ominous techno cut complete with eerie atmospherics, fuzzy melodies and rattling hats whilst a robotic vocal operates on top. italojohnson then remodel size:yes to generate a moody house number featuring cosmic synths and twisted effects, leading into nic fanciulli s rumbling rendition of riff shapes .
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12" Vinyl UK 23.02.18
rising sun, dj fett burger (as fett birger) and tijana t grace the second remix package of spencer parker s different shapes and sizes series on work them records this february. following on from the first remix release, which featured dj deep, akirahawks and setaoc mass, part two will see more reinterpretations of spencer parker s 2017 series from an array of talented producers. rising sun has earnt a cult following for his otherworldly productions as well as curating labels such as kristofferson kristofferson, styrax and millions of moments and here we see the accomplished producer deliver two hypnotic and classic sounding variations of riff shapes. sex tags and freakout cult cofounder dj fett burger then provides an acid-laced mix of size:yes as dj fett birger. finally, respected belgrade techno dj tijana t closes the release with a robust and evolving rework of a different size
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 23.01.18
january 26th sees dj deep, setaoc mass and akirahawks take control for the first of three drops on parker s own work them records imprint. following months will see two further 12s surface with radio slave, fettburger, italojohnson, rising sun, nic fanciulli and tijana t versions. released on the berlin-based label earlier this year, different shapes and sizes comprised three eps which displayed a variety of parker s house and techno directions. subsequently, cuts from the ep have become summer staples for the likes of ryan elliott, the black madonna, honey soundsystem and midland. on ep01, parisian legend dj deep continues an amazing run of form this year with two subtle but powerful versions of shape fascination while homopatik and buttons resident akirahawks moulds riff shapes into an off-kilter disco creeper. work them records and figure artist setaoc mass closes the ep with a strident interpretation of shape fascination
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 24.04.17
spencer parker concludes his different shapes and sizes series with a pair of robust house numbers this april. parker conceived the series as a method of showcasing his love for different shades of house and techno and the final edition sees the work them records founder demonstrate his versatility once again. part three initiates with a thumping dancefloor workout titled riff shapes that incorporates an uplifting chord sequence and crunchy percussion. on the flip, size:yes sees a throbbing lowend join skipping drums as rave inspired stabs add to the track s commanding energy.
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8.59 EUR *
3cd UK 08.07.11
with exclusive venues all over the world, nikki beach is a quintessential clubbers paradise. this collection is a stunning reflection of the forward thinking music policy that has helped make nikki beach a global destination. this first instalment sees two of the worlds biggest djs, the shapeshifters, step up to deliver two mixes, themed around their miami and las vegas venues, featuring the very finest and most upfront house music including tracks from maya jane coles, shonky, tom middleton, frankie knuckles, the shapeshifters, copyright and david penn. nikki beach in the house also features bonus content compiled by nikki beach resident roman rosati, featuring cuts from crazy p, dennis ferrer, atjazz, bass kleph and james talk & ridney.
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