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12" 10.07.13
i-robots is an alias of opilec music boss gianluca pandullo, a long time dj and producer with a penchant for classic techno and electro cosmic disco. for his next project in the esteemed i-robots reconstructions concept series the italian re-edits some classic material, all with the permission of the original artists. the tracks in question are derrick mays hugely influential *emanon* cut, recorded under his rhythim is rhythim alias and originally released in the 1990s on his own seminal transmat records label one of the most important imprints in the early days of techno alongside kms and metroplex. the second track which was first released on metroplex, the label juan atkins founded in 1985 and then re-released and reworked on sound vision - is *game one* produced by the legendary juan atkins and orlando voorn as infiniti. the latter of these pair has already released a number of times on the opilec music label.
Opilec Music
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12" UK 25.05.05
back to the classics..
Network Retro back 2 back
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