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2x12" 17.12.19
having carved out a lane truly his own in the often harshly competitive world of techno, argentinian-born / barcelona-based producer sebastian lopez, alias flug, has long proven to be no bit player in the scene and his compositions have kept signalling a fighting fit producer, whose highest standards of floor skippering and experimentation-friendly approach have never failed him over the years. resurfacing three years after the drop of his debut vinyl album, -in safe hiding-, flug clocks in on quartz rec with -flug i the collection- - a long-player bound to reconnect fully with the club and produce very energetic tracks that represent the techno he loves playing during his dj sets. all tracks were originally written on tour, on the plane or in hotel rooms to better capture the dancefloors vibe, using field recordings from around the globe and later processed in the studio via his analogue arsenal of preference.
Quartz Rec
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