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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: post scriptum - year zero
12" Vinyl UK 12.05.17
year zero is a first release on post scriptums own label and in a sense it is a manifesto defining it s musical identity. no space here for a sound targeting the current techno mainstream. there is dirt, and the pinch of imperfections, very characteristic of avant-garde electronics and industrial well known for the quite nearby past. on the a side, there are compositions appearing like shutters from experiments conducted in the secret laboratory. the rhythm is giving the appropriate weight, while the rest is a musical conglomerate of sounds and synthesis building up a feeling of anxiety. a swarming energy, a modulation, an uncertainty and lurking somewhere danger are surrounding us.on the flip side are remixes constituting the lighter counterpunch. motor eurhythmics bringing to life the old good detroit techno definitely of a dance-floor character, making this material ideal for an interesting set.
PS 000
Post Scriptum
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