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12" Vinyl D 22.02.10
treated with love by ellen allien, josh wink, laurent garnier, robag wruhme, mathias kaden, adultnapper, butane, donk boys, falko brocksieper, james teej, nick höppner, the cheapers, mr.statik, sonja moonear, vincent lemieux... music with its seven notes, coming back to its first one at the octave: simple, limitless and ad infinitum. this is the next clever coup from zurich.
>ave leo< is an homage to life. the three guys from pompelmoessap lay it on thick and dally over a tenderly melting melody, skillfully play with shakers, drum cuts and low deep down effects. evoking a conjuring atmosphere that gets under your skin. the groove is right. the sun rises, early in the morning at the club.
on the b-side you will find a collectible, an everlasting trip of melancholic club couch music with bob dylans cultural message from the 70ies. ion ludwig looks at >spiritual devil< as a kind of protest against all those 2d digitally recycled techhouse sounds, which are released every day en masse. here plays timeless music for connoisseurs who want to feel and think while listening. smoke some weed before listening. peace.
Grubenstrasse Zurich
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7.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 01.04.08
the first vinyl of a four ep series is fully loaded with new sure shots by robag wruhme, pompelmoessap and tolga fidan! after two years of intense parties and striking label releases, we decide to sum up the ourney with overview, our birthday cd compilation. for this very special occasion, we gather all the artists important to us, the ones of the record label, members of the booking agency and people we invited to play at our parties. love the robag track - josh wink
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7.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 26.06.07
problably the best kept secret in switzerland . the 3 youngbloods of pompelmoessap rocked every plak party with theirs amazing live act and theirs talented skills for production are obvious. these 4 tracks of powerfull so called mnml tech house will bring u to a higher state of consciousness
Plak Records
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7.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 10.03.08
played by sven vÄth !!!! killer remixes by digitaline (cadenza), bang goes and pompelmoessap !!!
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7.69 EUR *
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