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12" Vinyl UK 14.11.16
london-based producer, visual artist and nts radio host kit grill has announced a new 5-track ep, titled westway. the ep will be available digitally along with a limited run of 200 vinyl copies designed by alex sullivan, with cover photography by grill and an accompanying video by london director laurie lynch. westway draws on grill’s personal experiences of living in a cityscape and echoes the industrial, fast-paced and repetitive rhythm of his home city, london. the ep was recorded over the course of several months from early 2015 to february of this year, the propulsive beats and driving, shimmering synthwork across tracks like ‘distance’ and ‘street runner’ inspired by and echoing the brutalist beauty of the capital, culminating in the euphoric, widescreen string flourishes of closing track ‘stairway’.
Primary Colours
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4.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 08.04.10
ron trents house classic >altered states< gets a two brand new remixes: one from ron himself (a massive 11 1/2 mins long) and one from fellow chicagoan terry hunter. plus you get the carl craig remix from the 1992 djax release as an added bonus. a taster for the upcoming cd
Prescription Classic Recordings
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9.99 EUR *
7" Vinyl D 25.03.10
kebab connection is dunkelbunts exclusive contribution for his sun dub compilation. the song is inspired by the theme of the same titled german turkish movie and pure balkan dancehall madness! the flipside brings us dunkelbunts treat for waldecks catchy tune memories.
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7.29 EUR *
cd D 03.06.09
flamenco tunes from dub to chill house and classic lounge by nitin sawhney & ojos de brujo, up bustle and out featuring benjamin escoriza (radio tarifa), souad massi, madrid de los austrias, >flamenco chillin vol. 2< showcases the many beautiful faces and aspects of flamenco as well as its deep roots in many musical cultures on a global scale. hailing from india for example, nitin sawhney s love for this special musical genre materializes with the help of ojos de brujo, a band that stands for the new, contemporary flamenco feeling like no other!
Poets Club Records
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14.99 EUR *
cd D 30.04.09
cool spain chillin incl. madrid de los austrias and los desterrados!
Poets Club Records
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14.99 EUR *
cd UK 10.10.08
Poets Club Rec
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19.99 EUR *
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