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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: patrick specke & daze maxim
12" Vinyl D 16.02.15
vinyl only. extended precision-tooled killers on this latest ep from specialist label assemble music, which reunites daze maxim with his long-time friend and collaborator patrick specke. the two put their considerable dj experience to the proof on two serious heads-down weapons aimed squarely at the floor: ‘battery’ rides a threatening bassline and loose, propulsive percussion through a series of phased synth lines that envelop and disorientate, while the portside waves-esque bass swells on drag me massage the eardrums and direct the feet. completing the ep in complementary fashion is chromosome, which brings some more skip to proceedings, its shuffling percussion, pitchbent bassline and melodic accents all interlocking to form an irresistible groove. primed and ready for action and only on vinyl – get it while it’ hot.
Assemble Music
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8.76 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 07.11.05
reduzierter minimal mit rasantem abgang. elegant, raffiniert und mit 12 monate tanzgarantie
Kahlwild 003
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6.81 EUR *
2xcd D 20.11.15
sound of the 16th season people have their personal rituals. leaving the international space station russian space travelers left some bread and salt as a welcome gift for their american colleagues. tennis star serena williams bounces the ball exactly five times before her first serve. our beloved master of ceremony of techno music, sven vath, has a ritual as well: when the shadows on the island ibiza grow longer and the noise of the summer is about to fade away, he takes a couple of days off and reminisces the passing season, the parties, the crowds and the music: what were the craziest, the most outrageous, most beautiful moments? which situations, which encounters inspired me? what did we laugh about? and of course: what was the best music? which tracks accompanied me and my cocoon people during those intense weeks? vath assembles those magical tracks for the sixteenth time this year merging them into two and a half hour set.
Last Copy!
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