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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: moonchild- voyager
coloured 2x12" lp UK 05.10.21
limited reissue on orange marbled double vinyl, download code included.
Tru Thoughts
out of stock
21.00 EUR *
2x12" lp UK 31.05.17
‘voyager’ is the third full-length album from la’s moonchild, whose candid style of soul and new-school jazz has propelled them onto a swirling, emotionally charged journey of the heart. since 2014 they have dedicated their time and energy into honing dreamlike and ethereal compositions which explore the intricacies of relationships with emotional nuance.
since cementing themselves into the vibrant la soul scene, moonchild have released two albums and collaborated or toured with highly-respected names in the soul-jazz crowd including stevie wonder, jill scott, india.arie, leela james, the internet (odd future’s syd tha kyd & matt martians) and more. along the way, moonchild have accumulated a host of iconic supporters from robert glasper and laura mvula to james poyser, jazzy jeff, jose james, 9th wonder and tyler, the creator who have all shown love for the band
Tru Thoughts
out of stock
20.16 EUR *
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