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12" Vinyl FR 17.03.10
mature music for the deeply minded. we are back in full force with new mixes of moon in taurus with a full string of talent! first up is halo & jamie thinnes from citydeep & seasons records with there signature revisited mixes that always take you on a musical journey through mature music for the deeply minded. they had the pleasure of calling on there good friend rocco from realtone records to work on this project, which needs no introduction!! we just know him as the man!! william reelsoul rodriquez from sole channel music is up next with those deep bass lines and soulful chords in his main mix and kills is with a nasty dub! a new face on the deep house front beppe gioia, with a dirty dub to work any room. mr. dfa himself, darryl james brings the heat with his signature sound!  deep house movement pushes on.
City Deep
Last Copy!
7.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 25.11.09
past, present & future all wrapped into one... we are very happy to welcome the newest members to the citydeep family, and straight off there smash hit for sole channel records. dasoul, fabry diglio & m.a.d. boss brings a brand new jam that moves in between deep and soulful house with out a missing beat! moon in taurus kicks it off with a dark and dirty feel but before it has worked its magic you have moved through deep and soulful to take listener on a ride. play this one loud and watch the dancefloor come together as one!
City Deep
in stock
7.59 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl, 140 g vinyl UK 04.07.18
one of the deepest reaching projects from the multifaceted vibraphone stable resurfaces for an extended trip through ambient sonics that marks possibly the most daring departure on the esteemed italian label to date. the harmonious tones undulating throughout sketches from space are instant soothers, taking the odd cue from techno but defiantly beatless and meditative. its a surprising addition to the long and winding vibraphone story, but also feels like one of the strongest steps forward the resurgent label has taken since returning to the fray. just try sinking into lagrangian point l4 and you ll see exactly what we mean.
VIBR 018
out of stock
22.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp , 180gr + mp3 D 05.09.13
the 1982 masterpiece by mike oldfield back as 2013 stereo remastered version on 180 gram vinyl.
Last Copy!
21.99 EUR *
cd US 01.04.10
out of stock
15.99 EUR *
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