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12" Vinyl UK 27.03.18
moss co. kicks off 2018 with the indivisual ep from the supremely talented mariano mateljan. mariano and label boss, archie hamilton have been talking about an ep on moss co. for a number or years, and it is a tribute to both of their perfectionism that it finally lands in all good stores april 6th. made in his home studio in split, the record came together from several analogue jam sessions. aimed squarely at the small hours, the deeply trippy and haunting tracks take influence from the micro house of the 90 labels like cabinet and perlon and producers like schatrax and matthew johnson. the record is a fine example of marianos ever-maturing sound timeless minimalistic house music that will cast a spell over dance floors the world over.
Moss Co
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9.99 EUR *
2xcd D 28.07.15
ibiza is known for that very special and unique vibe. this atmosphere full of deep emotions mixed with wild energy, salty air and hot summer nights. this is what we want to give to you and what we tried to present right from the start of our great ibiza adventure more than 15 years ago! all led by the big mastermind mister sven väth who started back then on the white island with his vision and made it come true more and more year by year. looking back at 15 editions of his mix-cd-series the sound of the season we have to state that these mixes are acoustic documents for contemporary witnesses, the recored soundtracks of our lifes on the island for all these great and unforgettable summer seasons!
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