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12" 22.06.10
after dropping the first package (dj koze and affkt) last month, heres another set of splendid remixes for mathias kadens highly acclaimed album -studio 10-. the a side sees a remix by mathias long time friends, luna city express and matthias tanzmann, who reworked the 36 second disco interlude -roots- to a full length house hitter. on the b side -studio 10- collaborator florian schirmacher and his wareika project reworking -state of statsis- (featuring vocals from gjaezon). schirmacher manages to turn this detroit influenced tune into something crazy from outer space.. so get with
Vakant Remix
out of stock
6.13 EUR *
12" 05.09.06
p. diddy may have, ahem, >invented the remix<, but now berlin s vakant label is turning the concept on its head - using the remix to (re)-invent the label itself. vakant r is the newest addition to the imprint s crowded house, alongside the parent label and audio-visual offshoot vakant x, vakant r rounds out the minimalist trinity with a stunning debut release featuring mathias kaden and onur Özer going head-to-head in a no-holds-barred battle of the remixes
Vakant Remix
out of stock
6.13 EUR *
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